About Citizens Alliance of Mississippi

Citizens Alliance of Mississippi grew out of a clear and direct calling from grassroots Mississippians. Our aim is to influence the political environment through 4 key programs:

Inform the public of important legislation through our CAM Accountability Scorecard.

Hold the political class accountable through our CAM Pledge Program.

Recruit and train citizen legislators through our CAM Candidate Academies.

Build a network of everyday Mississippians dedicated to guarding their liberty through our CAM Grassroots Network.

In 2020, 74% of Mississippians voted in favor of a compassionate, free and fair market medical marijuana program, despite legislative trickery, deception, and backroom deals.

Source:  Ballotpedia

After winning this important vote at the ballot box, our voices were ripped away by the Supreme Court under a politically motivated “technicality.”

Despite a clear mandate from the voters to pass a free and fair market program for Mississippi, some career politicians in the legislature are now busy trying to impose a program designed to hand monopolies to rich, well connected, out of state interests.  But we won’t let them do it without a fight…

Citizens Alliance of Mississippi will ensure that every elected official who supports anything less than free market legislation is held accountable!

All we ask is simple: 1) No licensing caps and 2) no minimum net worth to enter the industry. The rules of the road need to be clear and available to all Mississippians, without having to play politics and hire fat cat lobbyists!

Citizens Alliance of Mississippi believes a compassionate, free market program allows competition, resulting in quality products with lower prices. When the government picks winners and losers, the politically connected always win.

Medical Marijuana is an important part of healthcare for thousands of Mississippians. A program that allows small business and entrepreneurs the freedom to provide this medication, will help both patients and businesses alike.
“Mississippians have felt alienated from the government for too long. CAM will restore the constitutional values of our great state and push back against corruption in Jackson.”

 -Shea Dobson, former mayor Ocean Springs, MS

We are Mississippi.