“Citizens Alliance of Mississippi is made up of everyday Mississippians who are fed up with the political process. It’s clear Jackson is not interested in performing the will of the people, so it’s up to us to ensure they hear our voices loud and clear!”

-Shea Dobson, former mayor Ocean Springs, MS

Citizens Alliance of Mississippi (CAM) is amplifying the voice of the grassroots in Mississippi to shape the culture of Jackson. Our representatives work for us. No longer will we allow the DC agenda and corporate interests to undermine our sovereignty.

Citizens Alliance of Mississippi will ensure all Mississippians are equipped with the knowledge and resources to hold their elected officials accountable.

About Citizens Alliance of Mississippi

Citizens Alliance of Mississippi grew out of a clear and direct calling from grassroots Mississippians. Our aim is to influence the political environment through 4 key programs:

Inform the public of important legislation through our CAM Accountability Scorecard.

Hold the political class accountable through our CAM Pledge Program.

Recruit and train citizen legislators through our CAM Candidate Academies.

Build a network of everyday Mississippians dedicated to guarding their liberty through our CAM Grassroots Network.